About Us (EN)

We are a young and dynamic company that keeps in high regards our Region’s values and traditions.
Four members bound by a common passion, the mountain.
This very passion pushes us to share the fruits of our land with friends and loved ones.

i quattro soci

Abruzzo is an inestimable mine of natural treasures, a land that preserves costumes, traditions and passes on its typical local recipes from one generation to the next.

We started producing our first elixirs for fun, and as our knowledge grew bigger we started delving in to more diverse infusions.

Our grandfathers also helped us finding the right inspiration, with their jealously kept recipes, and thanks to their simple life and their close bond with nature, they taught us how to tie an unbreakable bond with our territory.

OUR COMPANY: Il Liquirificio d’Abruzzo
Our liquor production starts from a simple synergy: our knowledge and our respect towards our Land.
We pay special attention to the fruits our nature creates through the sweet and rhythmic succession of the seasons.

Thus Liquorificio d’Abruzzo was born, in 2012, with a very simple goal: giving an authentic flavor back to our land, with almost primordial feelings. Today, we offer seven infusions on the market:
– Gentian
– Barrique Gentian
– Licorice
– Licorice Grappa
– Thime
– Ratafa
– Chocolate Liquor.

Our attention for a continuous need for authenticity guides our choice of excellent raw materials.
These are carefully selected and guaranteed by the best possible cooperatives.

Production processes are strictly led by their pace, without any kind of forcing or manipulation due to market needs.

That is why we strive to provide only unique liquors, the result of our research among the harshest mountains, the karst plateaus and the vast hollows of our Region in order to find nature’s most exquisite fruits, and then in our Liquorificio, we follow every step, from infusion to bottling.

Thanks to our growing success and appreciation from our demanding clientele, we are working on new alchemies.

Prepare your palate for unprecedented tastes and feelings!

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… cheers!